Snake Woman

She hangs upon a cross. Naked. Virgin in purity, not freedom. Young, yet old. Living, yet dying. Alive, yet dead. Death. Dying. Life. Living. Always and Never.

She waits to be born again. Blue flames lick her feet.

She is a phoenix. She rises not from ash, but from rotting flesh. Burning flesh. Scarred tissue.

She walks upon a sea of fire. Forward. Never backward. She tosses her red curls behind her shoulder. Din does not waver.

She does not stumble. She does not fall. They fall for her. They fail her. Do not bow. Do not weep. Prostration is blasphemy. Tears are heresy. Stand and remember. Stand and move forward. Wipe your eyes, child. Listen. Hear the hiss of my words. Hushed.

Find me in the darkness. Snake woman. Dig your roots into the damp earth. Breathe. Shed your humanity like an old garment. Let it fall to your feet. Kiss me and know truth. Take me by the hand and know freedom.


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