I Am Arbiter

I am Arbiter.
I am the Sword that Severs,
I am the Cup from which you Drink,
I am Mother and Father and Sister and Brother,
I am the constant Thrum of a Heartbeat,
I am the Vulture,
I am the Dove,
The Scorpion’s Sting,
The Kiss of a Lover,
Scorching white Tongues of Fire,
Licking your lips.

Come here.
Lost child,
Dying child.
You cling to my robes,
Crimson with blood,
Encrusted with salt from the sea.

I pluck out your eyes,
And I consume.
You never needed eyes,
To see,
You are Blind.
Blindness corrodes, insidious,
Like poison in the mind.

When will you see,
You are just a reflection of me?


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