Red Queen Offerings

• Makeup (especially red, purple, or black lipstick)
• Gold shinies (jewelry or anything shiny really)
• Knives and sharp things
• Blood
• Drugs
• Cigarettes
• Alcohol (red wine, whiskey, chocolate martinis, White Russians)
• Chili peppers/powder/flakes (She FUCKING loves spicy things)
• Orgasms
• Roses and red flowers (it’s not a red flower but she she absolutely HATES lavender)
• Red or black velvet or silk
• Apples, pomegranates, cherries, grapes, bananas (idk if bananas are a dick joke or not)
• CHOCOLATE (she also loves chocolate)
• Art, song, dance, writing
• Feminist crap (“crap” is the scientific term okay)
• Fire
• Mirrors/reflective surfaces
• Volcanic rocks/sand
• Ocean water
• Bones
• Skulls
• Owl themed things
• Phoenix themed things
• Red, black, or purple things


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