My Energy

I received a lovely anon on Tumblr that wanted to describe what comes to mind when they think of me:

What comes to my mind when I think of you: a hard ground, the earth is dry. The sky is red and dark gray clouds looms around. I think of a dark scarlet scorpion, specifically its sting. Pearls that look more like opal. Romboid golden earrings with ruby in their center. Very long, straight pitch black hair; a beautiful woman wearing some sort of beautiful robe, a bit heavy, would probably be priced expensive. She’s smiling, but she’s dangerous. I think of a certain kind of darkness.The feeling that something is lost deep within, perhaps, yourself? For some reason I think of white quail egg ? Almost like smelling sulfur. A dark lagoon. Someone crawling like a dangerous big cat; hunting. I also think of a certain feeling of longing, as if someone had been taken from you, but you don’t know exactly what that is. Someone yelling but not heard by anyone? Long black nails. You and a type of dark, not sure if malicious, energy right behind you; watching, looming, it kind of makes me think it’s become a part of you, but just a bit of it. It wasn’t always like that and it doesn’t have to be like that in the future. I don’t know, I vaguely think of a snake crawling in a black background, but the snake is not you. Also, white spiders. I don’t read energy but yeah. Hope you enjoy this?


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