The Morrigan calls to me. I’m not sure if I am supposed to speak to the “original” Morrigan or if this calling is to explore another aspect of The Red Queen.

I find it interesting that, despite my English, Irish, and Scottish heritage, I feel least connected to their mythology. I feel a stronger calling to Mesopotamia. There have been a lot of people that say I look like I am Middle Eastern when I used to tan. I suppose it was my dark hair and olive skin. I looked very much like that famous “Afghan Girl” photograph. Now I’m just very, very white and pale. I avoid the sun in the summer and stay indoors.

I wonder if Red Queen spent more time in Mesopotamia as a spirit than anywhere else. She seems to feel more comfortable appearing as a Middle Eastern woman than anything else. I think she only has pale skin sometimes to make me feel comfortable. Seeing my inner self as a different race would be weird. Seeing her as myself is weird enough to begin with.

Lately she seems to be taking me out of my comfort zone. She is more likely to appear with medium olive skin than in the past. Sometimes she even makes her hair curly and red. She keeps my green eyes most of the time.

I’m not sure I want to be taken out of my comfort zone when it comes to knowing who or what she is. She’s old. She eats people. She has a lot of sex. That’s enough for me.


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