Mother of Angels?

I asked a random quote divination website if Red Queen was Michael’s mother too since divination keeps saying that she created Samael:

“She well knew the great architectural secret of decorating her constructions, and never condescended to construct a decoration.”

— Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope

I suppose that means he is her construction or creation. I don’t think spirits always use the social construction of mother and father. More often than not, there is a creator-creation relationship. It doesn’t carry all of the emotional baggage of parental relationships.

I never really thought about him as a child when I’m Red Queen. He’s just Michael. A stuffy nerd. Very emotionally repressed like most angels. I wonder if that’s why Red Queen takes the title of Queen of Heaven sometimes.

The first time I met him as a human, I was in my more demonic form. He didn’t like that very much. He seemed to not like the fact that I was a demon, or rather that my energy was shifted toward something more demonic. This was back when I didn’t know anything about Red Queen. I was just like my human self, but with demonic traits. My personality was a little more sexual though.

I wonder if he gets his curly red hair from Red Queen’s aspect as Din, Divine Law. Asmodai has the same hair. Red Queen as Din has the same hair. Curly/wavy and as red as fire. It changes from orange-red to crimson-red depending on mood.

Nobody really likes to talk about Red Queen being their mother. Samael is super reluctant to talk about it and changes the subject. He doesn’t get along with her and she sees him as an abomination, but secretly still has a place for him in her heart. I never get to see any of my children. When I do, I end up seeing through them. Seeing through their eyes. It’s very disorienting and really fucks up my sense of identity. Where do I end and where do they begin?

I wonder if this is just a specific universe or applies to everyone’s Michael and Samael.


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