Adam and Lilith: A New Persepective

Adam is a metaphor for living and existing as a human.

There is a myth stating that Lilith and Adam were created equally. When Lilith went to sleep with Adam, he wouldn’t allow her to be on top. Adam wouldn’t allow Lilith to be dominant. In some stories, Adam attempts to rape her and she flees to the Red Sea.

This is a metaphor for Lilith challenging humanity and humanity not rising up to the challenge. This is a story of patriarchal society being challenged and rejecting that challenge. It is a story of the divine trying to interviene with humanity and humanity rejecting a change. It is a story of the human fear of losing power. It is a metaphor for humanity’s unwillingness to join with the divine and instead choosing self-importance and ego.

Adam was not a man. Adam is mankind.

Lilith was not a woman. Lilith is an aspect of the Divine. She is the Sword of Asherah, the Mother. The Mother’s avatar trapped in Malkuth. The one that intervenes with humanity. The challenger.

Humanity rejected the Mother’s challenge and she fled. Disappointed by her own creation. Saddened by its stubbornness and unwillingness to join with the Divine. In way, she, too, rejected the life she helped to create.

Humanity refuses to see beyond itself. Lilith sees beyond humanity. Lilith knows. She knows that there is more than flesh and bone. Why can’t we see that too?


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