Dream Journal 12-12-16

I had dreams all night where people tried to seduce me because my energy draws out their lust. It’s scary. I don’t want my energy to do that to people. I was just trying to explore a city. Everyone tried to sleep with me. I didn’t know what to do. It felt like they were trying to rape me.

One girl tried to threaten me because her ex-girlfriend liked me. I turned defensive and hissed that I would tear the skin from her bones and bathe in her blood if she put one finger on me. I felt my fangs and slit pupils. Claws. Something monstrous. I told her to go ahead and throw one punch. I said that I would love to see her rot in prison. She backed off. Apparently she didn’t expect me to be as violent as I am. She expected a shrinking violet. Confused and scared. She had no idea who I really was.

There was blood on the floor. I rubbed it on my face like war paint.


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