The Elusive Lucifer

Lucifer is hard to find. I have only met 4 people that know the Lucifer that I know. One is his employee. Another is his friend. The last two are his spiritual daughters. The others know Alistair under his title of Lucifer. (Alistair is the one who does Luciferian work.)

He’s my husband and even I find it difficult to match schedules. I don’t understand how that works. I always believed that spirits could be anywhere at any time because astral “time” is different from Earth time. Apparently spirits can be busy…

I don’t think he’s making excuses when he says he’s busy either. He seems to actually enjoy my company. But I suppose running a city takes up the majority of a person’s time. It’s a beautiful city, so he must do a good job at running it.

Sometimes I wish we could just run away and live on an island and sit on the beach all day. Maybe drink piña coladas out of coconuts. Swim in the ocean and get eaten by giant astral sharks.

We should run a bar like in the Lucifer comics. He’ll play the piano and I’ll sing. We’ll get drunk every night and invent a cure for hangovers.

Anyway, I wish he wasn’t always so busy. Maybe he’s busy because he does Samael’s work too. Sam seems to do…nothing. (He has plenty of time to sexually harass middle schoolers and teenagers.)

Spend time with me, damnit! My dreams are dull and I could use some company that isn’t Sam.


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