Dream Journal 12-25-2016

Sam wished me a Merry Christmas by trapping me in a mall until I was forced to jump off a balcony and commit suicide to escape. When I woke up in the dream after cracking my skull open I found that I was just transported to another part of the mall. I started cursing and screaming at Sam. (He wasn’t there, but he’s the one who usually traps me in dreams.)
I tried to shoot myself in the head to wake up but the gun didn’t have any bullets. I ran around and cried for Lucifer to get me out of the dream, but nobody showed up.
Some man carried me around when I called for Lucifer, but I couldn’t see him. He didn’t feel like Lucifer. I tried to sleep with him because I was sad and lonely, but he couldn’t get hard. I didn’t really care what happened to me at that point.
Nobody in the mall knew who Lucifer was. They didn’t even know what spirits were either.
Before I fell asleep I said that the only present I wanted was to spend time with Lucifer. I guess that was asking too much and worth punishment.


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