Dream Journal 1-4-17

Nightmares again. Like that’s new. They’re the only dreams I have when I sleep. The main theme was my mom and family gaslighting me in extremely distressing ways. I know it’s not from my own mind because I even call them out and say that they’re not acting like themselves. My mom kept telling me I was destined to be an alcoholic. It was weird.

I yelled at my family and went berserk. I felt insane. Nobody would listen to me and ignored what I said.

Someone invisible that felt like Sam covered me in water. He hooked spark plugs or something onto my back and electrocuted me. I felt pain but died almost immediately. It was just a flash.

I had dreams where I was in my harpy/siren form. I flew around an island. Parts of it were tropical and parts were mountainous and freezing. I was able to easily transform my arms into wings and back again. It was really cool. It felt so real. I wish I could do that in real life. Jumping off of ledges and not worrying about falling feels so natural.


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