City of Destruction and Death

I saw a glimpse of Red Queen’s kingdom. It looked like a modern human city at first glance. She could change its appearance when she wanted. When she was in bad mood, the sky would turn red and the buildings turned black with red accents. The city sits near an ocean of some sort and the water turned to blood.
She gathered a bunch of criminal spirits in a room. Each other them had a different criminal fixation. They seemed lost and did not understand where they were. They consisted of men, women, and children of many races. They turned violent when provoked. They tried to rise up against Red Queen. She acted like she was weak in order to make them attack her. She let them hurt her. Once they were all gathered around her, she slaughtered them. Most of that was blurred from my mind. It was done rather quickly and efficiently.
I, as an observer, didn’t understand that they were corrupt until after they died and Red Queen had a conversation with someone. I thought they were just trapped and scared.
Everyone in the meeting was upset that children had to be killed. Red Queen said that it didn’t matter. They were corrupt and it was the only thing to do. They still chattered about the incident.
Red Queen stood up and raised her voice. Strong and pragmatic. “This is a kingdom of destruction and death! This is what happens here.”

The board members seemed to forget where they were and had to be brought back to reality. It is a sad reality, but a necessary one. Souls cannot be reborn without first being destroyed.
“Now, we still must discuss (insert something about the economy).”


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